As the career:

•  Capability of transporting cargos from the Europe to Iran or other Middle east countries, either exported or imported

•  Capability of transporting the most heavy cargos by TIR trucks, tankers, trailer, heavy lift truck, and

•  180 trailers to transport containers or non standard goods

•  150 TIR containers to the Europe and Turkey

•  100 four- oriented tankers

•  10 three-oriented and five-oriented bougi

•  Truck terminal in Tehran, Persian Golf, Ahmad Abad Mostofi, and Marandnow valley

As the forwarder:

•  Having experienced staff to arrange contracts and projects with big international carrier companies

•  Having high capability of transporting goods imported to Iran from the Europe by having 27 agents in the Europe

•  Keeping the customers info of their shipments and goods daily updated

•  Transporting retails

•  Compound transportation

•  Representing the best project service by using permanent experience in this field